Da Vinci+ enables lovers of Art to celebrate their passion and be rewarded every day – not just at the show or in the gallery.

Da Vinci+ : The New Way To Fund The Arts

Where Arts enthusiasts celebrate who they are & their passion for creative expression with every purchase. Where data enables our partners to directly unlock the value of their patrons through implementing effective & valuable rewards based on a shared passion.

Your Da Vinci+ Card.

Da Vinci+ technology is unique; patrons link their preferred payment cards and methods to their Da Vinci+ card creating a Season Ticket/Rewards/Affinity card for use every day, growing their touchpoints with your organization and strengthening your relationship with them.

Simple for the patron: no change to banking arrangements or POS behaviour and any existing benefits are maintained.


For our Arts Partners, Da Vinci+ is a platform to

Stabilise and grow revenues

Patrons earn rewards through everyday shopping. For subscription and member based programs this can render member renewal automatic, delivery of experiences more affordable and for others the knowledge that their shopping activity has directory contributed to the Arts is reward enough.

Accelerate cashflow

Patrons convert everyday shopping into future rewards. Through this mechanism our partners will receive the cash from their partner retailers well ahead of any patron redemption.

Creating New Partner Revenue

Da Vinci+’s data rich environment enables precision targeting and measurement of sponsor and partner engagement. Real time and tactical capabilities that unlock scalable opportunities for partnerships across all enterprises. (Sole trader – SME – Big business)

For your Partners, Da Vinci+ delivers:

  • A measurable and accountable media channel to win and retain customers through consumer passion.
  • Real time engagement and communication with consumers based on shared passion and transaction behaviour.
  • A fraud free transaction solution.

As no change to infrastructure or POS processes is required partners of all sizes can benefit from your Da Vinci+ program.

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