Da Vinci+ enables fans to celebrate their passion and be rewarded every day
- not just on game day but 365 days a year.

Da Vinci+ : The New Way To Fund Sport

Where fans celebrate who they are & what they are passionate about with every purchase. Where data enables our partners to directly unlock the value of their fan through implementing effective & valuable rewards based on shared passion.

Your Da Vinci+ Membership Card.

Da Vinci+ technology is unique. Fans link their preferred payment cards and methods to their Da Vinci+ card creating a club membership card for use every day, growing their touchpoints with the club and strengthening their relationship with the club brand.

Simple for the fan: no change to banking arrangements or POS behaviour and any existing benefits are maintained.


For Our Sports Partners, The Da Vinci+ Platform Will:

Stabilise and grow revenues

Fans earn rewards from everyday shopping converting fans to members, rendering member renewal automatic, upgrades more affordable and providing a channel to commercialise new experiences.

Accelerate cashflow

Fans convert everyday shopping into future rewards. Clubs receive the cash from partners up to a year ahead of renewal/reward redemption.

Creating New Partner Revenue

Da Vinci+’s data rich environment enables precision targeting and measurement of sponsor engagement. Real time and tactical capabilities that unlock scalable opportunities for partnerships across all enterprises. (Sole trader – SME – Big business)

For your Partners, Da Vinci+ delivers:

  • A measurable and accountable media channel to win and retain customers through shared passion.
  • Real time engagement and communication with consumers based on shared passion and transaction behaviour.
  • A fraud free transaction solution.

As no change to infrastructure or POS processes is required partners of all sizes can benefit from your Da Vinci+ program

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